bhim app vs Paytm

BHIM App Vs Paytm – Highlight, Speed, Features & Security wise Analysis

BHIM App Vs Paytm – Highlight, Speed, Features & Security wise Analysis :  As we all know that the Government has recently issued the recent introduction to the BHIM Application. BHIM, the abbreviation of Bharat Interface for Money – an app for digital transactions. As it has been introduced by the government of India it became famous for its use and the security features. It is however surprising to know that the millions of people have downloaded this application and are using it in day today life – income and expenditures just to be over the most recently used App Paytm.

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New Initiation Towards Future In Economy

Due to over printing of Indian currency despite of its respective gold reserve is slowly becoming a national issue of today, which in short decreasing our currency’s monetary value in the international market. As we know, some people try to keep the hard cash in big sacks inside their home which is commonly labelled as “Kala Dhan”, Indian govt have stared their initiation to fight corruption against black money. After the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the fragile content of the new 2000 and 500 rupee note and to put a stop to all the unregistered income, we are now looking forward to the system of cashless economy in the country.

How To Install And Use Bhim App

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