BHIM App Vs Paytm – Highlight, Speed, Features & Security wise Analysis

BHIM App Vs Paytm – Highlight, Speed, Features & Security wise Analysis :  As we all know that the Government has recently issued the recent introduction to the BHIM Application. BHIM, the abbreviation of Bharat Interface for Money – an app for digital transactions. As it has been introduced by the government of India it became famous for its use and the security features. It is however surprising to know that the millions of people have downloaded this application and are using it in day today life – income and expenditures just to be over the most recently used App Paytm.

BHIM App is the UPI based App or you can call as payment App which allows you to transfer or receive funds, paying the bill whether related to electricity, water or for extra usage online debit of the mobile/ DTH etc.
Paytm, also has the equal preference for its simplicity and the use of general public. The citizens of India had extensively used the Paytm App before the introduction of BHIM App. Since BHIM App and the Paytm App are generally same in the functionality, but the main question but the people who are continuously investigating that Which App is more better, BHIM or Paytm App?? ? Therefore for solving this query by the people we have came up with complete analysis and the related information about both these Apps, once you go through full article. So, by going through full article you will get to know about which App is more better, BHIM App or Paytm App!!


BHIM App is having the best interface among all the UPI and E-Wallet Apps. The developers of BHIM App has adopted the nominal interface. The incredible part is the shading blend and the home screen of the App has blue titles with a white background. The features which you want is available on the home screen and the in-app card-like looks more delightful.

Features and Highlights of BHIM App:

This App is basically a UPI App contains all the administrations, such as asking and sending cash. The developers were looking for including fingerprint and aadhar based payments in this app. BHIM App has right now the below features. Have a glance to it.

Filter and Pay
Ask for Money
Send Money
Check Account Balance
Produce QR Code
Now moving on to the App of Paytm. Have a look at the features of it and you will be ahaving a clear understanding about the best app use for general purposes.

Paytm App:

The interface of the Paytm App is little bit scattered form. Firstly when you download the app, you have to give balance from your debit card/credit card, known as My Paytm balance around to discover your choice. The developers of Paytm had tried different ways to make the app lovely. There a lot of choices in the application which makes eyes infectious and you will be a little confused to get the actual data. One of the most prominent point is that the developers have used the symbols wonderfully.

Features and Highlights of Paytm App:

Book Inns, Flights and motion Picture Tickets
Cashback Offers
Revive Mobile/DTH
Making Payments

Speed and Ease of Usage:

BHIM App : This application is developed in such a manner that it makes it less complex, fully secure and quick. It has all the qualities what an app should be look like. From the home screen only you can make 3-4 payments which makes the app extra ordinary. It has been tested that this app takes an approx of 20 seconds from propelling to finishing the payment.

Paytm App : This application is made more complex and a bit harder to use as compared to the BHIM application. It is having variety of payment modes, administrations and much more and it takes 25 second to finish the payment without applying any promo code. The Paytm App will take an additional time if an individual is using Debit/visa net managing account or the UPI.

Security wise Analysis :

BHIM App: This app is having its own password and you just need to enter the password with a specific goal by getting the app. The exchanges are secure with the UPI Pin and it can’t be finished without the UPI.

Paytm App: Depending on the lock of your mobile the security of this app will work and the balance in your paytm wallet is not protected as this app does not use any secret password to make payment. This is one of the most worst part of using paytm. So it is suggested that if you are using paytm, then for sure use a screen lock pattern to save your payments regarding the Paytm.

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